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What I write

  • Articles

  • Blogs

  • Brochures

  • B2B material

  • Copy

  • Event invitations

  • Ghostwriting assignments

  • Linguistic Style Guides

  • Manuals

  • Native articles

  • Newsletters

  • Onboarding manuals

  • Product information

  • Scripts for audio

  • Scripts for video

  • Tourist information

  • Website content


My languages


Written professionally since 1992. 

I translate mostly to Swedish.

Studies: Creative writing & journalism.


Finnish Radio Show Host, Swedish Public Service Radio, 10 years.

Swedish-Finnish elementary school


Lead Linguist & Validator for Apple, through Hogarth, 2012–2018.

Studies: Translation training.  



Content Manager & Translator,  VisitSweden, 2006–2009.

Studies: Universidad de Salamanca,

Spain & Stockholm University.


About Finnish 

I am part of a large minority of Finnish speaking people in Sweden – there are around 400,000 of us. We´re called Sweden Finns. 

The spoken Finnish (puhekieli) and the written Finnish (kirjakieli) have quite different grammar rules.

While the spoken Finnish is informal, has shorter sentences and contains regional dialects, the written Finnish is formal and strictly regulated.

Fun fact: We place prepositions at the end of each noun. 

The dog = koira

To the dog = koiralle

You´ll see spoken Finnish in ads, while the formal is used in texts, by officials and the media.

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