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Kvinna med penna


The Nature & Environment Book

Sweden´s largest environmental education, distributed to more than 2,500,000 students. Free of charge.

Consultant assignments

The New Wine Guide

for ordinary people


​A humoristic beginners guide to the world of wine. Grapes, styles and wine countries introduced along with charming illustrations and amusing anecdotes. Did you know that the coupe glass was formed by Queen Marie Antoinettes breast?

Title in Swedish:

Nya Vinguiden för vanligt folk
Published: 2003
Publishing house: Semic

Dinner Party Games

100 games

Festens lekar.jpg

100 party games and ice breakers for all ages 

and all kinds of events: Birthdays, barbecues, midsummer parties, dinner parties, Halloween, Christmas parties, New Years Eve, housewarming parties, bachelorette and bachelor parties and more.

Title in Swedish: 

Published: 2008
Publishing house: Ica Bokförlag 

The Chihuahua


​The first book in Swedish about the Chihuahua: 

Standards, characteristics, behavior and history – it is said to descend from the North-African Fennec fox. When brought to Mexico 3000 years ago, they were first sacrificed to the Aztec Gods. When they later were believed to guide humans to heaven, Aztec indians (and one American general) took them with them to war. 

Title in Swedish: Chihuahua
Published: 2008
Publishing house: Ica Bokförlag

Clothes for dogs

Sy till hunden.jpg

​How to make everything you need for your dog. From collars, leashes and coats to carriers. 

Simple step-by-step instructions and sewing patterns that everyone can follow. No previous experience is needed and a lot of the material used can very well be hand me downs and accessories you already have lying around the house.

Title in Swedish: Sy till hunden
Published: 2006
Publishing house: Ica Bokförlag

11 translated books & websites


WWF: Schools global ecological footprints  English–Swedish

UNICEF: A drop of water  Created content in Swedish – translated it into English 

WEBSITES  Created content in Swedish – translated it into English  Swedish – Finnish  Swedish – Finnish

WEBSITE CONTENT  English – Swedish  English – Swedish  Swedish – Spanish +  Created content in Swedish – translated it into English  Created content in Swedish – translated it into English and Spanish

25 audio drama & video scripts

"How Sweden works"
"Sverige, så fungerar det"
Liber, Sweden

16 educational videos about how the Swedish community works:

How you get a library card, driver´s license, doctor´s appointment, an apartment, work, etc. Target group: Newly arrived immigrants. 

I wrote the scripts, booked actors and locations, and assisted on set.


"Youth in the Nordics"

"Unga i Norden" 

Otava, Finland

A series of educational videos about the Nordic capitals: Stockholm Oslo, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Reykjavik. 

I wrote the scripts, booked actors and locations, and hosted the programs as the cicerone. 

"The life of August Strindberg"

Otava, Finland

Audio dramas about the Swedish writer August Strindberg. 

I wrote the script, booked voice actors, did the recordings (at the August Strindberg museum in Stockholm) and the studio editing. 

The material was used in Swedish language education in Finland. 

​+200 newspaper & magazine articles


Aftonbladet, Expressen, Metro



Amelia, Chili, Cosmopolitan, Greentech Info, Hälsa, Härliga Hund, Medtech Info

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