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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.   

- Aristotle -

Reference Projects


New Website Design & Content

Client: Processus 

I created a new website, interviewed co-workers to understand their corporate culture, wrote new content, re-wrote all existing content, translated it all to English and created 5 social media videos.

Raise translation quality

Client: Apple (through Hogarth) 

I was Apple´s first Swedish Lead Linguist and Validator. I onboarded and coached translators to Apple´s Tone of Voice & Customer Journey.

My Linguist Resumé.

Blog & Write Articles

Client: Intertek 

I monitored and blogged about changes in the European Environmental Legislation and wrote articles about global medicine technology.

Content Manager

Client: VisitSweden 

I translated and managed the Spanish version of and wrote for the English corporate site. They no longer offer as many translated pages.

Earlier clients

Aid organizations

  • The World Food Prize

  • WWF Sweden 

  • We Effect


  • Forma Publishing Group

  • Liber 

  • ​Nordic Productions

  • Semic

  • The Swedish Knowledge Editorial

  • Otava + Tammi + WSOY in Finland

​Media & Magazines

Hälsa, Amelia, Expressen

​Companies & Brands

Intertek, Processus, AstraZeneca, Björn Axén, ClassPass, Sharp

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